A sustainable office for a sustainable business

Modern building technology and smart design solutions create a working environment that promotes the well-being of both the employees and the environment. LEED Platinum certificate ensures that Tripla Workery’s sustainability measures are enacted wisely, be it heating or waste collection. Green choices are also financially beneficial: energy efficiency is directly reflected in cost savings.


Platinum certificate


roof gardens




pipe-based waste collection system

A green oasis above the rooftops

Tripla Workery’s roof gardens offer a lovely escape amidst a hectic day. Or why not have a meeting in the lush, relaxing space?

The plants and cultivation boxes absorb rainwater and help keep cool on hot summer days. If a longer walking meeting outdoors is what your body and mind needs, Central Park is just around the corner.

LEED Platinum certificate ensures sustainability

The LEED certification system, developed by Green Building Council, is a holistic assessment of buildings’ sustainability achievements. It takes into account, for example, buildings’ contribution to climate change, water usage, promotion of sustainable materials, and enhancement of individual and community quality of life.

Tripla Workery has been awarded the highest LEED Platinum certificate. It ensures that your future office is genuinely working towards the objectives of sustainable development.

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Sustainable commuting

Tripla Workery is accessible from all directions, which increases the popularity of public transport and cycling to work.

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