Headquarter-level offices in Pasila

From tech companies to the industrial sector and from start-ups to listed companies. Tripla Workery’s offices with a view were completed in 2020 and they are the perfect fit for companies big and small that value quality. The elevated views create space for thinking.

50 000

square meters


highest floor




green roofs

Why Tripla Workery?

We believe that world-class offices at a central location with extensive services help your employees achieve a healthy work-life balance. That is why we are focused on servicing both our tenants and the building users.

As a result, your teams work more efficiently and employee satisfaction stays high.

Only the best service for our tenants

Tripla Workery's on-site personnel know the property like the back of their hands. No matter the occasion, feel free to approach them to discuss the needs of your business. Reporting technical problems and, above all, monitoring the resolution of problems are easy to do via our fault resolution service.

Small technical installations, such as mounting a screen, are quickly taken care of as the building maintenance team is also easy to reach.

Offices that meet your changing needs

The world is changing faster than ever. That is why our offices are designed to meet rapidly changing needs. We can, for example, put up or take down partitions or emphasise your brand colours. When the need arises, you can share your space or take over a larger space with ease.

Safety first and foremost

The offices of Tripla Workery are located behind access-controlled doors and lifts. In addition, round-the-clock surveillance and on-site security staff ensure that your people and assets are safe from unauthorised trespassers and harm.

Available office spaces at Tripla Workery

603 m2 floor 16

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Tripla Workery – your new office?

Contact us and let’s see if we can find the right office space to suit your business.

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Keeping carbon dioxide emissions in check

Tripla Workery has been awarded the highest LEED Platinum certificate for energy efficiency. By setting up your office at the environmentally friendly Tripla Workery, you can reduce your business’ carbon emissions while keeping the same square meters.

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