A new way of combining work and play

From the outside, it’s hard to imagine how easy everyday life becomes when all the services you need can be found under one roof. Drop your shirt off at the cleaners, grab a bag of groceries, buy your godchild Christmas presents, invite your friends to a movie or have a drink with colleagues after work. All in one place.




restaurants and cafes


of exclusive deals


grocery stores

700 m²

cultural square




occupational health clinic



Exlusive deals for Tripla Workery users

We want to make Tripla Workery a lively community that is closely integrated with the shopping centre. The Mall of Tripla offers a wide range of employee benefits that are only available to those who work at Tripla Workery.

Say goodbye to coats and muddy shoes

No more wading through slush to get to lunch. The 66 restaurants and cafes of Mall of Tripla meet the needs of even the most demanding foodie. The fantastic array of options from Finnish to ethnic to fast food to fine-dining will make your mouth water. Naturally, there is also an abundance of choice when it comes to catering for meetings, for example.

Everyday life made a whole lot easier

Need a clean shirt to replace one with coffee stains on it? Collect your groceries at the store’s pick-up point before heading home? Fix your hair before an important webinar appearance?

Mall of Tripla’s 250 shops provide help for life’s big and small challenges.

Get to know Mall of Tripla

Providing out-of-towners with a roof over their heads

Few places are as convenient as Triple Workery for hosting out-of-towners. A Sokos Hotels hotel is located in the same building, so in the future, business trips to Helsinki will be under one roof.

Ready to be entertained?

Team spirit easily expands beyond working hours when there's a variety of experiences waiting just outside your office door. Tripla has a cinema, a beach volleyball centre, an indoor surf centre and a music museum, among other things.

With so many different experiences to choose from, organising workplace events can be done in a jiff.

Easily accessible services

Tripla Workery is accessible from all directions, which increases the popularity of public transport and cycling to work.

Get to know the location

Tripla Workery – your new office?

Contact us and let’s see if we can find the right office space to suit your business.

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